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5 Tips to Hiring a Good House Cleaning Service

5 Tips to Hiring a Good House Cleaning Service

Finding a good house cleaning service is difficult these days, but here are some tips on making sure you have clear cut professionals doing your cleaning.

Make sure you know what you’re paying for. – It’s important that the prices of the cleaning service are clearly listed and/or explained to you beforehand. A good house cleaning service shouldn’t rely on padded pricing and hidden costs to survive. They value return business by doing good work customers are willing to pay for. 

Depend on referrals, not advertising. – While cleaning services are a dime a dozen these days, a good home cleaning service should come highly recommended. Ask which services your friends and family use, but don’t be afraid to rely on recommendations from credible online review sites. 

Check your cleaners work first hand. –It’s important to give the work of your house cleaning service a thorough look over once they’re done. Don’t simply take their word for it. Check easily neglected areas such as tops of refrigerators, bathrooms and underneath beds. 

Make sure your cleaning service knows how to follow instructions. – Give specific instructions to both the agency and the cleaning staff. Be sure to outline which areas should be cleaned and which rooms are to be avoided completely. A house cleaning service that cannot follow instructions shouldn’t be allowed inside your home, let alone clean it. 

Only hire a cleaning service you can trust. Stick to cleaning staff you can rely on. – Although it’s normal to want to be present while the house cleaning service is doing their work, you should be able to carry on with your schedule like normal. Before you settle on a cleaning service, be sure you trust them with your home. Don’t weigh yourself down by having to babysit them during every appointment. No matter how thorough a cleaning service is, they aren’t worth the price if you can’t trust them.