Saving Money On Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleanliness of the office environment is important for making a good impression on customers and other visitors and contributes to overall employee satisfaction and productivity. Sweeping floors and wiping tables may not be the best use of your employees’ time and could end up costing you more in the end. Commercial cleaning services are a better option for most businesses. However, the additional cost associated with professional cleaning is often a concern for most business owners, especially those on a tight budget.

Evaluate Your Needs

Determine the needs of your business. Does your business need daily cleaning or would weekly or monthly services meet your needs? Create a schedule of services your business needs and determine the necessary frequency. For example, do the carpets really need weekly deep cleaning? If your business has a low volume of foot traffic, once every three or six months may be a better option. Communication with the cleaning service about your regular needs is essential.

After-Hours Service

Cleaning the offices during regular business hours may be disruptive to the flow of business as well as to those providing the service. Scheduling your cleaning services during off-hours, such as after 5:00 pm or on weekends minimizes disruption to your customers and employees and maximizes cleaning productivity time.

Employee Responsibility

Establishing a company policy related to cleaning up office and breakroom space will help reduce the type and frequency of cleaning services necessary. For example, ask employees to wash their own dishes and refill tissue and soap dispensers when they empty them. Having employees clean up after themselves allows cleaning services to focus on larger issues.

Using Economical Supplies

Consider the basic consumable supplies used at your place of business. Brown roll paper towels may not be as attractive, but cost less than white paper towels and are environmental friendly. Foam soap provides more than double the amount of hand washes as liquid soap by volume and gets hands cleaner with less soap. Replace small individual trash cans with a larger centralized trash area to reduce the amount of trash bags your business uses.

Lastly, consider placing large mats in areas with heavy foot traffic to reduce the amount of dirt trapped in the carpets, thus reducing the frequency of deep cleaning. These preventative measures reduce overall costs and allow you to allocate the funds to the cleaning services your business needs the most.