How to Get the Most from Your House Cleaning Services

How to Get the Most from Your House Cleaning Services

Good house cleaning services aren’t only expensive, they can also be very hard to find. But by simply combing over some key details, you can quickly and easily get the most out of your cleaning services.

Be sure your cleaning staff can be trusted. – Going out of your way to babysit your house cleaning service isn’t only an exercise in futility; it’s also a waste of your valuable time. Instead, check the background of your cleaning service and be sure they come recommended by more than one source. 

Stick with staffs that are familiar. – Even if you’re satisfied with your cleaning service, don’t become a test bed for new, untrained and untested staff. Take down the names of the cleaning staff you trust and be sure to request for them from your cleaning agency. Tip them well, and they’ll be looking forward to doing a good job for you again in the future. 

Look over easily neglected areas of your home. – A good house cleaning service is a thorough house cleaning service. Instead of checking every nook and cranny of your home, check the base of your toilets, top of the refrigerators and underneath your bed. If these turn out spick and span, you know you have a quality cleaning service in your hands. 

Check if your cleaning service has liability insurance. – Even the most reliable of house cleaning services have accidents. To make sure your belongings and interests stay protected, be sure your cleaning service provides liability insurance. This puts the care and safety of the cleaning staff squarely on the shoulders of your cleaning agency. 

Be clear about your budget. – Cleaning services are often paid by the hour. If you’re on a budget, be transparent about how many hours you can afford. Don’t have the cleaning staff assume they’re there for the full service only to find out you don’t have enough cash on hand, especially if you can’t provide a fair tip.