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How to Save on Maid Service Prices

How to Save on Maid Service Prices

Maid services aren’t cheap; but they can be worth their weight in gold if you have absolutely no time to do the cleaning yourself. Here are some handy ways you can get the best maid service prices without breaking the bank. 

Know your budget and know the prices. – Like any purchase, you need to be able to set a budget for your cleaning services. Don’t simply throw out an arbitrary number. Canvas what kind of services are available and learn what you can get for your money. By having a set budget every month, it’ll be easier for you to set aside money for your monthly cleaning expenses. 

Be explicit on what needs to be done. – In order to get the best maid service prices, be sure you are very clear about the services you’re availing of. Outline all of the rooms that need to be cleaned, and which areas need any specialized care. Don’t assume that the service staff know what was discussed with the agency. Without proper instruction, maids usually end up giving you the full service, which will potentially cost you more than you originally intended. 

De-clutter you own home. – A maid’s time can be wasted picking up clutter you could’ve easily set aside yourself. Instead of relying on your maid to pick up your children’s toys and your dirty laundtry, spend a few minutes to set them aside yourself. This will allow the cleaning staff to work on areas of your home that will benefit more from their professional cleaning experience. By being smart with your money and your cleaning services, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars every month and get more out of your maid service prices.