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College Station, TX

If you are here reading this today, It’s likely summertime again! Moving in or out can be exciting, but something no one ever tells us about is that they are excited to do their own move out cleaning. We get it, you just packed up, and moved all your stuff, and the checklist your landlord gave you looks daunting.

Don’t worry, we clean houses, town-homes, and apartments making your landlord happy and getting you your cleaning deposit back.

What Do We Do On Move Out Cleanings?

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Apartment complex and landlords don’t differ much in their request for what you need to clean. Some leave a list you can simply pass on to us, or you can download ours and check off what you want us to clean from our extensive list.

What Can’t We Do During Your Move Out Cleaning?

Due to liability and possible injury, we don’t move furniture, pull out refrigerator, or the oven. Otherwise, we can take care of it, we can reach fan blades with a wand, and clean inside your microwave, oven, and fridge. We see pet friendly dwellings all the time, and can vacuum up the hair, but we are unable to clean urine or feces as it ruins our equipment. We are an hourly cleaning service, so you choose what you want us to clean and what you want to do yourself.

Do I Need To Be Present During My Move Out Cleaning?

We recommend you are there to show us around upon our arrival so we know what you want cleaned and what you will clean. This eliminates any surprises on your end if you send your landlord over to look. It is possible to leave a key for us, and we clean items you have on a list, just be certain you are clear in what you need done.

I’m Moving Out Of Area, Can You Just Clean And Drop Off Key?

Sure, we can drop in the key box of your apartment, or if you let us know ahead of time, we can often return to the local rental agency for you.

My Landlord Is a ‘Pain’, Do You Guarantee Your Cleaning Will Meet Their Approval?

We have met some stringent ones for sure. When you book your cleaning online, it will ask if you want us to only clean for a set number of hours, or if you want the home cleaned until it’s complete. If you choose for us to continue cleaning past the time you initially request, we can bill your card on file and continue cleaning till all areas are clean. IF you choose for us to clean until it’s perfect, we will return to get any area we might have overlooked at no cost. IF you had us only clean for set number of hours, we will tell you what you have left to clean so there are no surprises.

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