What are Deep Cleaning House Services and When Should You Get It?

A lot of people think that deep cleaning house services are simply a way for cleaning agency’s to charge more for their time. But deep cleaning services can give real value for residents who want to get their house immaculately clean.

Deep cleaning services differ from one cleaning company to the next, but they normally present a more thorough service than standard cleaning packages. Deep cleaning house services usually include the standard cleaning package along with a number of “extras” that give your home a thorough work over.
Common additions for a deep clean are:

  • Blinds and baseboard cleaning – Dust along window blinds and room baseboards can be very hard and very tedious to remove. Deep cleaning packages make sure that they’re dusted and given a good thorough cleaning.
  • Stove, microwave and appliance interior cleaning – Standard packages usually just cover cleaning the exterior of most household appliances, but deep cleaning services often include interior cleaning as well.
  • Ceiling fan / chandelier cleaning – Ceiling fans and chandeliers are some of the hardest to reach
    places in any home. Because of this, they can attract a lot of dust over time. A deep clean gives cleaners an ample amount of time to make ceiling fans and chandeliers look as good as new.

Since deep cleaning house services are very thorough, they aren’t needed as frequently as standard
cleaning packages. You can simply get one every few months or so. If you plan to put your home up for
sale or invite over guests for a special occasion, a deep clean is also a great way of making sure your
home is in tip-top shape

Download our Cleaning Checklist that describes the typical things cleaned during a regular and deep cleaning.